Alien Covenant Review

13th May 2017 – delayed publish until US Release and my second viewing. Here’s the thing, I remember the time my Dad told me the story of Alien one summers evening in 1979. His description and the events in story sparked my imagination. I was only 8, and he also showed me some of the […]

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Thoughts in the Clouds – Creativity As A Service

Imagine a production (any video/film/commercial production), which from start to finish and including delivery is all done using cloud services “creative services”, storage, proxy generation, rendering, grading/editing, transcoding etc. Each of these services can be segmented and distributed around the private cloud network hence the interdependent set of processes becomes a series of services. It’s […]

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NAB 2011 Pre-show

“It’s going to be a great show this year!” A universal claim to the seasoned trade show attendee or exhibitor. I can honestly say, this year is going to be a great year for anyone at NAB 2011, call it s hunch, call it a feeling, call it conclusions from colleagues and friends:- Upturn in the market, new […]

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Does a Product need a Manager?

For those who don’t know or care about how product gets to market, I am going to answer the question; does a product need a manager? Or more to the point what is a product manager?

Are you familiar with the role of a product manager? Is it someone who is managed by a product or is it someone who literally manages or wrestles a product? And why should you care? The goal is to answer the question why a product needs a manager and hence the birth of the infamous Product Manager role.

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The Art of Flying

Having spent some years travelling around the world and predominately using air travel, I am going to pass on some my experience and wisdom regarding “The art of flying”. I will focus on three key areas, before the flight, during the flight and after the flight. I will not be going into detail with respect to destination research and doing your home work.

My experience is based on flying 100+ (lost count basically) flights with British Airways, Virgin, Japanese Airlines, Air Canada, Quantas, South West Airlines, Delta, United Airlines and American Eagle – essentially quality airlines which are mostly reliable and professional.

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