Thoughts in the Clouds – Creativity As A Service

10 04 2011

Imagine a production (any video/film/commercial production), which from start to finish and including delivery is all done using cloud services “creative services”, storage, proxy generation, rendering, grading/editing, transcoding etc. Each of these services can be segmented and distributed around the private cloud network hence the interdependent set of processes becomes a series of services.

It’s happening already, there are countless examples of convergence in the market between post production and production tools or rather vice a versa. The main reason for this convergence is the reliance on file based media and the exponential growth in created content. The days of format, film canister or video tape, are over – content is only limited by the capacity to store it.  Once the content is created it has to be tagged, managed and used as quickly as possible albeit on set or via proxies over the network or sneaker net copies. I am sure NAB 2011 will illuminate more in the area of how production and post production can leverage the advantages of cloud services. Clearly I am not alone, early examples are DVS, Quantel and Chryon just to mention a few.

NAB 2011 Pre-show

5 04 2011

“It’s going to be a great show this year!” A universal claim to the seasoned trade show attendee or exhibitor. I can honestly say, this year is going to be a great year for anyone at NAB 2011, call it s hunch, call it a feeling, call it conclusions from colleagues and friends:-

  • Upturn in the market, new money based on the recovery and adapted business models
  • Cloud processing for production, post production and delivery- “Creativity As A Service – CAAS”
  • 4K and beyond
  • What’s after Stereo3D?
  • More assets, more management, more storage, more creativity
  • Higher colour depth (High Dynamic Range) in mainstream production
  • True Digital Master
  • Higher frame rates for film (going beyond 24 frames per second)
  • Content any format, to and from anywhere
  • Dynamic content convergence
  • Contextual and profile based product placement
  • Monetising user content
  • Return of the Archive
  • Production and Post Production convergence
  • Story is still king 😉